Green Life Farms Set to Construct Fourth Farm in Florida


Wildwood, FL (April 6, 2022) – Green Life Farms has completed the purchase of a 67-acre property in Wildwood, Florida where it will construct its 4th of 13 planned farms in the Southeast U.S.  Located in Sumter County, FL, the Wildwood farm will further expand Green Life Farms’ market reach into central Florida, serving Orlando, Tampa, Ocala, and coastal communities.


Green Life Farms’ Wildwood location is slated to be its largest farm yet – occupying 10 acres and growing over 6.5 million pounds of head lettuce and leafy greens each year.  Construction is anticipated to begin after all permits are acquired and is expected to take approximately 14 months, with full operation slated for early 2024. The facility will use advanced hydroponic technology to grow premium leafy greens without pesticides, additives, or GMOs.


The Wildwood community has provided a welcoming environment for Green Life Farms.  The property is located in an Agricultural Business Corridor and provides easy access to major transportation routes.  A global corporation specializing in citrus and other fruits is located nearby, providing potential collaboration opportunities to develop new crops.  Expedited permitting, tax incentives for machinery and equipment, and workforce training programs are also available.


“We are proud to have the opportunity to introduce our fresh, flavorful greens to additional customers in Florida and beyond,” said Michael Ferree, Vice President, Green Life Farms.  “The Wildwood farm will allow us to further expand on our mission to encourage people to choose food that’s good for their body, family, community and planet by making it easy to eat clean.”


Green Life Farms currently sells leafy greens at more than 300 grocery stores, specialty markets, and restaurants across Florida and beyond, including internationally.  Green Life Farms also sells herbs and leafy greens to a major meal-kit delivery service provider under a long-term contract. Green Life Farms product offerings include Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Mint, Parsley, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon, Thyme, Butterhead Lettuce, Baby Romaine, Baby Arugula, Baby Kale, Baby Spinach, and Farmer’s Blend.  


Green Life Farms’ process combines technology with agricultural best practices to grow premium leafy greens with a focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.  Its flavorful produce is cultivated in clean, nutrient-rich oxygenated water in state-of-the-art greenhouses. Greens are harvested and packaged in a controlled environment to create the cleanest produce year-round and delivered locally to ensure premium freshness and a small carbon footprint.

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