Redefining Green

Growing produce in a hydroponic environment offers unique benefits.  When comparing products, it's important to know how hydroponic methods compare to traditional organic farming.  Not all growing methods are equal!

Check out our comparison below. 

How Does Hydroponic Produce Compare to Organic?


  • Soilless - seeds germinate in a soil substitute
  • Nutrients feed the plant's roots directly and evenly
  • Low risk, environment-controlled indoor setting
  • Uses 90% less water than traditional farming; no runoff
  • Urban farming creates lower carbon footprint
  • Nutrients are fed directly, creating fast growth
  • Plants can grow year-round, with shorter crop cycles


  • Grown in soil
  • Nutrients feed the soil 
  • Higher risk of environmental & animal contaminants
  • 90% more water is needed, as much is soaked into soil
  • Farms must be located where land is abundant
  • Plants use energy seeking nutrients in soil, growing slower
  • Longer crop cycle, dependent on climate and geography


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