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Our premium produce is full of the flavor, freshness, and nutrition you want – and free from pesticides, additives and GMOs.


And it’s the cleanest choice, since our lettuce is grown in a controlled environment, reducing the risk of contamination.

Green Life Farms Arugula

Baby Arugula

Known for its peppery, spicy taste, Baby Arugula’s thin, crisp leaves are small but potent!  With a herbaceous, peppery flavor with nuances of nuts, our Baby Arugula is terrific as a salad base, or tossed with pasta for added zing. Now with a heartier round leaf shape!

Green Leaf

Juicy and crisp with a hint of sweetness, our Baby Green Leaf is the perfect crunchy layer to add to everything from lettuce wraps to tacos to stir fry.  Plus, it’s loaded with Vitamin A.

Green Life Farms Baby Romaine
Green Life Farms Rustic Red Blend

Rustic Red

Crunchy and colorful, our Rustic Red Blend adds the perfect amount of snap to salads, wraps, and more!  (Nutritional information is not available as content may vary.)

Farmer's Blend

A delicious mix of favorite Farm flavors, Farmer's Blend includes a seasonal variety of baby leafy greens.  (Nutritional information is not available as content may vary.)

Green Life Farms Farmer's Blend
Green Life Farms Butterhead Lettuce


With velvety leaves, crisp stems, and a smooth buttery flavor, Butterhead Lettuce is as delicious as it is nutritious!  It's loaded with Vitamin K, which helps with bone strength.

Our Butterhead's healthy roots remain attached, helping it stay fresher, longer.  

Super Variety

A robust mix, Super Variety Blend is a great way to get all the flavors of each individual Green Life Farms product in one container!  (Nutritional information is not available as content may vary.)

Green Life Farms Super Variety Blend
Green Life Farms Butterhead Leaves

Butter Leaves

Pre-sliced and ready for your favorite filling, our Butterhead Leaves are a terrific substitute for a wrap or bread!  Also delicious as an added layer in your favorite sandwich or burger.

Green Life Farms Butterhead Leaves

Living Herbs

Care instructions: keep your herbs in the original plastic sleeve and place on a sunny windowsill until they are acclimated to the temperature (24-48 hours). Then remove the plastic and check the grow media. If dry, lightly water until damp. Water regularly once a week.